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Private Rooms and Baths Enhance Guest Safety at Ridgeview Transitional Rehabilitation

December 2, 2020

Many studies confirm that when patients are recovering from surgery or an illness and need care, they’re likely to experience the best possible outcome in a designated rehabilitation setting, like Ridgeview Transitional Rehabilitation. Yet these days, some patients are sharing with us that they hesitate to choose an inpatient setting, wondering if this care is safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

We’d like to share the results of an important Nov. 9, 2020 study with our potential guests, their families, and our partners in the medical community. McKnight’s Long-Term Care News reported on research published in JAMA Internal Medicine which examined factors that influence the risk of serious COVID-19 outbreaks in skilled care facilities.

The research team, headed by Kevin Brown, Ph.D., of the University of Toronto, studied 78,000 residents of 618 facilities over the course of two months, and found that crowding was a major factor in the spread of the virus. Indeed, they found that crowded facilities had more than twice the risk of a serious outbreak.

In particular, the study authors noted that private rooms and bathrooms are major factors in avoiding an outbreak. Ridgeview Transitional Rehabilitation would like to assure patients, families and patient referral partners that each of our guests enjoys a private room and bath. In addition, our staff are trained in state-of-the-art protective practices, and are following all COVID-19 recommendations to minimize the spread of this virus.

Health care today offers unprecedented challenges. Ridgeview Transitional Rehabilitation’s emphasis on safety and excellent care help us meet those challenges while continuing to provide the highest quality rehabilitation services.