State of the Art Equipment

We intend to help every guest achieve their goals as quickly as possible and to assist in that process we have modern equipment designed to facilitate rehabilitation. We have consulted with professionals across the industry to ensure our equipment is the right equipment to help you reach your goals. Some examples of what you will find at Ridgeview include:

  • Large and fully equipped therapy gym providing each guest space and the right equipment to facilitate recovery.
  • Specialized orthopedic rehabilitation equipment designed to increase strength and help with recovery, including weightless treadmills and advanced modality machines.
  • Electronic charting systems that allow our staff and physicians to conveniently and effectively chart and share information to coordinate the plan of care.
  • Wireless Nurse call system that pages the appropriate team member when a guest activates their call light and re-pages additional team members if the colleague assigned is busy helping another guest.
  • Computers on wheels that accompany our staff to convenient locations, reducing the time they spend on paperwork and increasing the time spent helping and treating our guests.
  • First dose and emergency medication on-site to help new guests obtain their prescribed medication more quickly.