Your Return Home

We understand that getting back home and getting back to “living Well” is the primary goal for every guest. We ask about each guest’s discharge plan BEFORE admission to Ridgeview so we know where you are headed before you even arrive! Each guest’s individualized plan of care includes a Care Transition Plan. Coordinated by our Care Transition Manager, the team looks at the home environment and will make recommendations for how to best succeed in that location.*

We want everyone informed. We work with you to schedule a post-discharge follow up with your Primary Care Physician. We provide them with a current list of your medications and key information points to make sure they understand your recovery status, so they can pick up right where you left off.

We don’t stop when you walk out our door. Our team follows up by telephone shortly after your arrival home, and again within two weeks. Our experienced team members want to make sure your recovery continues to go well, and if you experience an unforeseen change in condition, we help you get the resources you need to continue your recovery and avoid re-hospitalization.

* Some guests may need an evaluation of their home to determine how they may safely function upon return. Some environmental modifications may be recommended to maximize safety and function.